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Wedding Congratulations!

Congratulations to my cousin, Dr. Vincent Forte, and Alison Peck, who were married last Saturday at Wood Farm Barn, Benacre, in Suffolk.

Vincent is the son of my late Uncle Nino and Aunt Luisa Forte (Brighton).

Welcome to the family, Ali!

Two New Old Films

They’re new, because they have been newly discovered.

They’re old, because they date back to the early 1950s.

The first was taken in Mortale in 1952 and, already, we have identified many of the people on the film.  It is the earliest film taken in Mortale that I have on the website so far.  The second was taken in Hove in 1954 at my cousin James’ christening.

Both were recently discovered in a cupboard in my late Aunt Luisa’s flat, and I am grateful to my cousins for getting the films digitised and allowing me to put them on to this website for others to see.

James 1How many other films lie undiscovered in cupboards around the world?  Do please let me know if you need help in getting any old media digitised and preserved, so that future generations can enjoy them and so that our ancestors can be identified and remembered, before we reach the point where nobody recognises them.

The new films are on the Film page.