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2013 Festa Film

A film showing the highlights of this year’s Festa di S. Antonio is now available in the Film Section of the website.

The film is 39 minutes long and shot mainly in HD.

The format of the festa has not changed for many years, but this year was special as, at the end of the festa proceedings, the local mayor unveiled a plaque in the church square to rename the square as Piazza Charles Forte.  It was also the 25th anniversary of Don Franco’s first mass.

New Photos from 1950s

Over 80 new photos have gone into the Gallery section of the website.

They are all scans of contact prints of photographs taken in Mortale in the 1950s by Ettore Forte (Swanage) and are absolutely priceless as they include some extremely rare images of how La Soda looked in those times with all the wells in the square.

To access these photos, go to Ettore’s Contact Prints in the Other Albums section in the Gallery.