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200 new photos in website gallery

014Well, they’re new to the website, but some date back nearly 100 years.  The great majority of these photos come from Ettore Forte’s albums and were kindly donated by his family and scanned by Tony Langdown.  They can be found mainly in the “Other Albums” section of the Gallery but there are also additions to the “Festas in the Past” and the “Mortalese in the Past” sections.

Do please help to identify people in these photos by clicking on the paper and pen icon in the green bar below each photo.  Do please also email any photos you may have which could go on the website.

Two New Films

Boccia Court 1976There are two new films on the website.  Both were filmed by Michael Forte (Llandudno) and capture life in Mortale in 1976.  In one, we see the new boccia courts being reconstructed in Mortale, followed by Tellino and Antonio threshing beans.  In the other, Michael and Jean are dressed in traditional costume and we see many shots of the villagers in and around La Soda in Mortale, as well as walks in the mountains.