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New Photo Gallery

The Gallery on the website has been redesigned so that it is now compatible with many more handheld and portable devices, as well as phones.

The photographs are touch responsive, there is now a search facility and there are simpler links to view newly added photos.

If anyone would like to send more photos, then do please email them to me.

Another 5 New Films

Another five newly digitised films have gone into the Festas on Film section of the website.  They were all shot by Ettore Forte and date back to the late 80s and early 90s.

Of particular note is the Festa di S. Antonio of 1988, during which the recently ordained Don Franco Facchini, son of Maria Antonia Forte, celebrates his first ever mass as a priest.

The film of the Festa della Madonna del Carmine of 1989 also contains something unique, but I will allow the more perceptive amongst you to work that one out.

3 New Films from the Early 90s

Three newly remastered films have just gone into the Film Section of the website.

All three were filmed by the late Ettore Forte, and have recently been digitised by Tony Langdown, so that people can look back with nostalgic fondness at events that happened in the early 1990s in Mortale.

There are two short films showing the annual gathering of Mortalese outside the church in Mortale to celebrate the Festa di S. Antonio Abate on 17th January in 1990 and 1992.  These two films can be found in the “Festas on Film” Section.

The third longer film, to be found in the main Film Section of the website, was taken in the days leading up to the June festa of 1990.  It starts with the arrival of Charles and Irene Forte, who have commissioned a new statue of the Madonna to stand at the entrance of the village.  A few days later, there is a religious ceremony of dedication, and people familiar with the village will recognise many villagers and emigrants who have returned to Mortale for these events.  The sad thing is that most of these people are no longer with us, but their memory lives on amongst their relatives and descendants.

Festa della Madonna del Carmine 2015

The annual Festa della Madonna del Carmine was held in Mortale last night and a good number of people were in the village to celebrate evening mass, followed by dancing and festivities in the village hall afterwards. Despite heavy rain, which cancelled the procession of the statue through the village, spirits were far from dampened as celebrations continued into the early hours.

Photos can be found in the Gallery section of this website.  A film is available in the Festas on Film section.

2015 Festa Film

A 20-minute film showing highlights of the 2015 Festa di S. Antonio in Mortale is now available in the Festas On Film section of the website.

The film is in 1080HD quality, but can be adjusted according to your internet speed by clicking the settings button at the base of the film.