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Pecorino DOP

Pecorino from La Cisterna

A mature Pecorino cheese

Along with products such as the cannellini beans of Atina, the pepperone of Pontecorvo and the Cabernet wine of Atina, it is with great pride that the “Pecorino Cheese of Picinisco” has been given DOP (denominazione d’origine protetta) recognition.

It is a cheese that has been made in our area according to ancient traditions dating back to the 1600s and is produced exclusively from raw sheep’s milk, using rennet from lamb or kid, and without the addition of lactic acid bacteria.

The only municipalities in the province of Frosinone, allowed to produce “Pecorino di Picinisco DOP” are: Acquafondata, Alvito, Atina, Belmonte Castello, Casalattico, Campoli Appennino, Casalvieri, Fontechiari, Gallinaro, Pescosolido, Picinisco, Posta Fibreno, San Biagio Saracinisco, San Donato Val di Comino, Settefrati, Vallerotonda, Terelle, Villa Latina, Vicalvi, Viticuso.

Like all other DOP products, our Pecorino is considered a real symbol of the culture and tradition of the area.