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Name that Neapolitan tune

Accordion PlayerIn December 1978, the local accordion player, Antonio Di Lucia, was recorded one evening at a party in Gerry Forte’s house in Mortale.  You will find 10 of the songs here, but can anyone name the unidentified tunes?

Leave a comment if you can!

100 years young

Luigi Cambone di Domenico

Luigi Cambone (born 9th April 1913)

Massive congratulations go to Mortale’s oldest resident, Luigi Cambone, who is 100 years old today.  Luigi has lived in Mortale for very many years and has been a friend of the Forte family throughout.  He not only knew our parents well, but also our grandparents and great grandparents.  At 100, he is wonderfully wise and superbly knowledgeable, happy to share his experience and give advice to anyone.  Luigi is incredibly self-sufficient and still manages the largest fruit and vegetable garden in the village, which you can see here.

You’re a real superstar, Luigi, and thank you for your loyal friendship over so many years!

New Stories

TurkeyThere are three new stories on the website submitted by Anna Hassan, daughter of the late Angelo Fusco and the late Rosa Forte.  Despite the hardships endured by many during the war years, it was still possible to maintain a sense of humour and Anna tells three stories about her parents in Banbridge during the war years. Click here to read the stories.