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Interactive Family Tree updated

The interactive Family Tree has been updated and is accessible via the Family Tree link on the Home Page or by clicking here. It is fully navigable but only contains details of members of the family who have passed away.

There are currently just over 4700 members on the tree.  All are descendants of the Forte family from Mortale and Casalattico and the earliest Forte ancestor recorded is Giovanni Forte, who was born in 1679.  There are over 1250 members with the Forte surname but other surnames in the tree include Bianchi, Borza, Cafolla, Caira, Ciaraldi, Cirefice, Crenca, Di Adamo, Evangelista, Fusciardi, Fusco, Lieghio, Macari, Magliocco, Marsella, Matassa, Mezza, Minchella, Morelli, Nardone, Rosato, Roselli, Salveta, Vella and Visocchi.

Luigi Magliocco

Luigi Magliocco (1913 – 2012)

We are all saddened to hear that Luigi Magliocco passed away peacefully at his home in S. Caterina yesterday evening.  Just two months short of his 100th birthday, he will be greatly missed by the huge number of people who knew him from the Casalattico area and from Ireland.  Luigi was the last remaining child of Antonio Magliocco and Pace Forte, and brother to Pietro and Emilia.  He was married to the late Elena Forte, daughter of Crescenzo Forte.  Our sincere condolences go to his children Tony, Sandra and Anna, his grandchildren and the extended Magliocco family.